The world's first copper with carbon: introduction of eco-copper, we achieve a low-carbon society by copper with carbon with its high strength and high conductivity.


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Development Partner

At Metal And Technology, Inc. Co. Ltd., we would like to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society through the widespread and timely introduction of eco-copper into the market. Therefore, since the cooperation of partners is essential, we are recruiting partners in various fields such as R & D, product development, manufacturing, sales, market distribution, and overseas business development. If you are interested, please contact us at (contact details) by all means. In addition, we are planning to conduct a license agreement with local and overseas partners after obtaining the patent.

R & D・Product Development Partners

Our company would like to continue to promote the development of applications for eco-copper in a wide range of fields such as copper wire and cable industry, automotive industry, home appliance industry, personal computer IT industry, etc. We are looking for a partner who can cooperate with us regarding R & D and product development for finalization of the product, while our company provides eco-copper for testing. We welcome inquiries from government agencies and industry organizations regarding R & D. For inquiries regarding R & D・product development partners, please contact us here

Regarding Manufacturing Partners

Our company is looking for partners who can help us regarding the manufacture of eco-copper. We plan to support our partner in various ways regarding the know-how required in manufacturing such as the construction of the manufacturing plant, the provision of technology, etc. In addition, we are also looking for partners not only for domestic manufacture in Japan, but also for overseas manufacturing. For inquiries regarding manufacturing partners, please contact us here

Sales Partners

Our company is looking for partners such as manufacturers, a trading companies who can act as a brokers, and distributors, to assist in the sales of eco-copper. We think it would be desirable if we can develop the marketing method and conduct public relations activities together. We are recruiting sales partners regardless of whether they are local or overseas partners. For inquiries regarding sales partners, please contact us here

Patent License

The patent of eco-copper is undergoing PCT international application through the efforts of "Tsukuba University" and "Shirogane Co.Ltd."
※At present, the patent has already been obtained in Japan, Russia, and South Korea. Metal And Technology, Inc. Co. Ltd. has obtained the sales rights of the license of this patent through the efforts of "Tsukuba University" and "Shirogane Co. Ltd."
For inquiries regarding the license of this patent, please contact us here