The world's first copper with carbon: introduction of eco-copper, we achieve a low-carbon society by copper with carbon with its high strength and high conductivity.

Expected Fields

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1. Expected Fields of Use of Eco-Copper

(Taking Advantage of High Strength ・ High Electrical Conductivity Characteristics)

Compared to pure copper, electrical conductivity of eco-copper is high, and loss during transmission is low, that's why it is expected to be used for all applications which currently use copper. In addition, eco-copper has excellent characteristics in terms of tensile strength and yield stress, that's why its workability is excellent, and we can also expect improvement with regards to durability. Taking advantage of these characteristics, in our company, we expect it to be used in various industrial fields such as in those listed below.

Use as Various Electric Wires

By using eco-copper, which has a higher conductivity than pure copper, as a transmission line, we can expect the transmission loss during transmission to be greatly reduced. In addition, it has excellent characteristics with regards to tensile strength and yield stress, that's why the number of overhead wire bases maybe reduced, etc. and we can expect a major reduction in cost when constructing power distribution grids.

Use as Wiring of Automobiles and Robots

For electric wires used as wire harnesses installed in automobiles, thinness of the diameter and the strength to withstand severe vibration are required. We can consider eco-copper as suitable for use as wire harnesses for automobiles. In addition, in the joints, etc. of robots, etc. , in wiring parts where bending and stretching are repeatedly conducted, we can expect to achieve wiring which is difficult to damage by using eco-copper which has excellent tensile strength and yield stress.

Use as Power Cord for Home Electric Appliances and Personal Computers

If you use it as a power cord for home electric appliances and personal computers, damage to the cord can be prevented due to the high-strength characteristics of eco-copper and we can expect it to contribute to its safety.

Use as Various Copper Products

In addition, by using eco-copper as a raw material for the manufacture of copper products in various industries, and by utilizing the high strength and high conductivity characteristics, we can expect the development of products which have characteristics which are superior to existing products.

2. Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing Process Which Utilizes Eco-Copper as a Raw Material

The characteristic of eco-copper is that carbon is added to pure copper and it is evenly dispersed. At present, according to the test results, when putting eco-copper in the production line as a replacement for copper, special changes in the manufacturing facilities are considered unnecessary, and it is assumed that the existing production facilities may be used as is. For persons who would like to use eco-copper for the manufacture of your company's products, please feel free to contact us.